99 Tartans Investments


Pittsburgh, PA

Gridwise helps rideshare drivers optimize their driving and earn 39% more per hour by sharing information with their fellow drivers.

Founders: Ryan Green; Brian Finamore (MS ECE ‘10)
99 Tartan Lead: Jim Ruiz (TPR ‘00)


IAM Robotics

Pittsburgh, PA

IAM Robotics provides a complete set of technologies required for autonomous mobile manipulation solutions, with a focus on order picking and retrieval. With a platform of products including the Swift autonomous piece-picking robot, IAM is uniquely suited to help supply chain managers succeed and scale in the face of e-commerce challenges and increasing customer demands.

Founders: Tom Galluzzo (Staff), Vladimir Altman (Staff)
99 Tartans Lead: Robb Myer (TPR ‘06)


Duality Robotics

Pittsburgh, PA & Hayward, CA

Helping Robots understand humans

Founders: Jason DePerro (Industrial Design), Mike Taylor (Staff), Apurva Shah

99 Tartans Lead: Robb Myer (TPR ‘06)


Pittsburgh, PA

RoBotany is transforming the indoor vertical farming industry with automation and analytics. The company's mobile robotic solution and software management system increases labor efficiency by 30-50%, increases crop output by 1.5x, and provides an unprecedented level of data collection and analytics to improve farm operations. Vertical farming is the future, and RoBotany is the future of vertical farming.

Founders: Austin Webb, (TPR ‘17), Daniel Seim (TPR ‘17), Brac Webb, Austin Lawrence
99 Tartan Lead: Robb Myer, (TPR ‘06)



Portland, OR

Building the new financial world. Simple, secure, accessible developer tools for creators.

Founders: Shamir Karkal (TPR ‘06), Isaac Hines (TPR ‘06), Angela Angelovska-Wilson, Alexander Lipton
99 Tartans Lead: Robb Myer (TPR ‘06)


San Francisco, CA

Truefluence is the first self-serve Influencer Content Marketing platform using Big Data and ML to help brands run optimized campaigns.

Founders: Alex Timmons (ME ‘09); Chris Hobbs (CS ‘99)
99 Tartan Lead: Rick Morrison (CS ‘03

AI-first conversational sales and marketing platform

AI-first conversational sales and marketing platform


Palo ALto, CA

Intellipse is an AI-first conversational sales and marketing platform that helps your visitors and customers at each step of the buyer’s journey

Founders: Mehdi Samadi (CS PhD ‘15)

99 Tartans Lead: Severin Hacker (CS PhD ‘14)